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Give your Child’s Youth Baseball Coach a break!

March 12, 2008

I’ve been guilty of this very thing myself. Second guessing my child’s coaches that is. I have been a youth baseball coach numerous times in my life. I know what a thankless job it can be, if you allow it to be.Few parents ever step up and coach any type of youth sports. It would be a very eye opening experience for them if they did.

They would get to see how difficult it is to balance winning with giving everyone the playing time their parent’s believe they deserve.You see that that I use the word winning. Yes, the word “winning”. Kids like to win,so do the parents. There may be a few that truly don’t care.

Winning at all costs is what will get coaches in hot water. When a coach totally disregards a leagues playing time rules(if there are any) they will create hard feelings. Often times parent’s unrealistic opinions of their child’s talent will also start a backlash against the coach.

Parents seldom know how much time is put into running a youth sports team for the coach. If it is a travel team, such as youth travel baseball, you can triple that amount of time. Parents who volunteer to coach should be given some slack. It is not an easy job. It may not be easy if you feel your child is being unfairly treated, but unless you have concrete proof, it is best to let it go.

I have found in the past, my view of the coaches was usually off base. I let my emotions, not the facts, cloud my thinking. When I discussed the issue with the coach later, I found the coach to be doing an acceptable job. The next season, I started my own team. I then found out first hand, how difficult it is to please everyone.

So before you fly off the handle,and possibly make it harder on your child, give the coach the benefit of the doubt. Unless you have the time and knowledge to coach the team yourself, just let it go. Then next year, play for another team.

Thanks Chip Lemin