Do Any of Your Hitters Bail Out? Here’s How Fix It!

I’m sure most of you have worked with batters who constantly bail out of the batters box no matter what. It seems that this player will begin his bail out before he even really knows where the pitch is going. Here is a drill to try that may have some impact; I’m not saying it is a cure for this problem. It will get the hitter to look first at least before they start their getaway.

Start out using tennis balls for this drill. Have the batter get into the box, and throw some pitches behind them. This should get the batter to realize that they can’t just blindly back out of the box, because in youth baseball, they will see pitches behind them, only not on purpose! This will give the timid batter some level of comfort by making them feel safer at the plate. This will get the hitter to really focus on the ball, which is what we want them to do anyway. Throw lots pitches to them, this is not a quick fix method but it should begin to help. After some time, the hitter will begin to notice that they don’t have to duck away from good pitches. They will stay put and try to hit the ball instead. You can also have the hitter take a bunch of short strides toward whichever side of the field you need them to. Have them over compensate to begin with, because you know when a pitch comes they will most likely start to move back out in to middle which is closer to our goal anyway.

You can also have the batter just stand in the box when you have a pitcher and catcher warming up. Tell them just to follow the ball into the catcher’s glove. This will let them relax some with out the stress of having to hit the ball. Learning how to hit a baseball is a difficult skill to master anyway. When your player is afraid of the ball is makes it much harder to learn to hit. Youth baseball players will respond to good teaching techniques when properly applied. Make sure not to embarrass the player, and do not tolerate any other players doing so.

Coaching youth baseball at any level is great privileged, so get all the info you can. Make sure you are kind and patient even if you don’t feel like it at the time. I commend anyone would will take the time and responsibility to coach youth baseball, we need more like you.

Thanks Coach Chip Lemin 440 465 3337

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2 Responses to “Do Any of Your Hitters Bail Out? Here’s How Fix It!”

  1. Kevin Via Says:

    Hello Mr Lemin. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for me. My son has been playing baseball since age 5. He is now 12. I cannot get him to swing the bat consistently. I think he wants to but I don’t think he can time the pitchers right and by time he wants to swing the ball is already on top of him. How can I get him to time the ball against faster pitchers. Thanks for any suggestions you have.

  2. Trey Says:

    Coach Lemin,
    I appreciate your article here. I have spent most of the night looking for a solution and drills to help a young 8 yr old player that I have that is scared when hitting.

    My name is Coach Trey. I have been coaching youth baseball for over 15 years now and never have I had a player such as one that I have now. My goal this year is to get this young boy to hit the ball if he does nothing else. Let me take a minute to explain my situation.

    The boy gets in the batters box. He literally swings the bat before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. We have spent numerous hours on the Tee, Soft Tosses, etc. At this point, batting drills and technique is not a thought. We can not get him to swing the bat at the correct time. You work with him and he just cant swing at the right time. I also noticed he closes his eyes and steps way back when swinging. So we (his parents and I) took him and bought some tennis balls and pitched these to him over and over, Results were some better, but still swinging early.

    Yesterday at Practice (coach pitch league), he was accidently hit by a pitch. Not hard at all. Now he has taken several steps backwards (literally). He now has everything in one motion. He swings the bat while letting it go with his left hand (right handed batter), slaps at the ball (easy not hard), literally takes 4 or more steps backwards out of the batters box, all just as the pitcher releases the ball and sometimes before the ball even comes out of the pitchers hand.

    My question to you is do you have any drills or suggestions to help this young boy. I have gone through numerous drills, had other coaches from other teams look at him and try to help, etc. We all are completely lost at what to do for this young boy. I have never seen a young boy this scared to hit a ball. It is even when he is fielding a slow ground ball. He will not run to get in front of the ball, but hops to the ball. Once he gets in front of the ball, he will continuously back up; bent over to catch the ball; until the ball almost come to a complete stop before touching it.

    I have never had a boy this scared of a ball whether hitting or fielding. Fundamental drills and technique is down the road right now. My first goal is to just figure out what to do about him not being scared of a baseball.

    Thanks again for you article and if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I know there is not quick fix, but we have been working for over a month and nothing is helping that I do. I’m not prideful and will do whatever I need to help this young boy.

    Coach Trey

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