How to Help Youth Baseball Players Find the Right Bat

If you take a browse through some of the youth baseball bat web sites you will see youth baseball bats for sale at prices of over 300 dollars. They will also give you instructions on how to take care of the bat so it will last at least a year. I have 2 sons who play youth travel baseball and little league baseball. I have felt guilty before that my sons didn’t have the latest techno bat out there. But as a coach and a student of the game, I have come to firmly believe that it is so much more the hitter, than the bat. Having a 300-dollar bat will not take the place of going to lessons, buying a hitting video, and using it of course, or just plain hard work.

You can learn how to hit a baseball well even if you are not blessed with the natural born talent of hitting. It is matter of work. I have seen time and time again, some kid with an old cu-31 alloy bat out hit kids with the 300-dollar unit. If you and your child are serious about hitting, do yourself a favor and go get some professional instruction. These lessons are for the parents just as much. I have learned so much from picking the brains of my kids hitting instructors. I also have learned to trust them in sizing youth baseball bats for my kids.

They tell me to have them hold the bat near the handle with their weaker arm and raise the bat up to shoulder height. When they can lift the bat up to that height with no problem, that is a correct weight for them. I had much to learn about teaching how to hit a baseball. There where old ideas that that had to go such as elbow up, and take a big stride. I had to learn its hands first, then hips. Baseball coaches have access to some great youth baseball, and little league coaching tools, if they know where to look on the Internet.

There is a free 7-part youth baseball coaching e-course that covers some overlooked topics such as travel baseball, and how to deal with parents, as well as running a good youth baseball practice. It also covers positive mindset for players as well as coaches. Sign up for it at


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