It’s All in Your Attitude, Youth Baseball Coach!

I realize it’s fall going on winter, but one can always start thinking about next year and what you are going to do different do become an improved coach.

I would like to give attitude a big plug here because it is so vital not just in youth baseball, it is vital in all areas of your player’s lives. You have a responsibility to impart more than just baseball lessons to your players if you are truly serious about helping your players.

As you may already know I’m a big fan of positive attitude from the coaches as well as the players and parents. I feel there is no place on a youth baseball club for tearing down of players no matter what the perceived importance of the situation.

In the little league world series it was good to hear some coaches go out to on to the field to address their clubs in a tight game and start off the talk with something positive. Maybe the microphone had something to with it, I hope not.

Your team will take on your attitude no matter what. You will never hurt your effectiveness as coach by being positive, patient, and having some fun out there.

You must be an example to parents and players. It’s only a game in the end. No else outside of a few adults on your team will even care how your team does, believe me. You need your players to have positive experiences in youth baseball to enrich their lives. This way they may pass it on if and when they have a chance to coach later.

Here are a few ATTITUDE ideas I would like to share with you. I will sending a few more in the coming weeks. Let’s call this letter #1 on ATTITUDE for players and coaches

There are many hallmarks of a well-coached team, disciplined team. They are clearly evident during practice and games. The following items are what makes up a solid team.

Players believe in school. Players believe in coaches. Players believe in their teammates Players and coaches are punctual for practices, games and meetings. Players dress properly. Players respect their community


Mental attitude plays such a big role in the success of a player. A player can have great natural talent and ability, but will have a tough time reaching their potential if they do not develop a good positive mental attitude and outlook. The player with the right mental outlook and attitude will make his natural talent come through. What makes up a proper mental attitude?


All skill levels of players will benefit from having a strong desire to be the best they can be regardless of how they did this day or ant other day. You must have a strong determination, a spirited desire to win, but only by the rules, and without dishonoring this great game. To become very good at this game, you must be wiling to invest long hours in practice perfecting your game, because your best opponents are doing just that very thing.


When you take the field your thoughts should be strictly baseball. You will have to groom your mind to and body to perform a skill though concentration. You and the coaches must always be alert and thinking. For example, when hitting, keep one thought with you, follow the ball to plate and hit it.


Relaxation is essential in developing skills needed in baseball. Youth baseball is meant to be fun for players as well as coaches. Everyone who relaxes will perform better no matter what the task at hand. Con cent ration and relaxation are like peas in a pod, whether it is throw ing a ball to a hitter or spearing a line drive at third. You must learn to control your emotions as a player or a coach. By concentrating on what you doing, you will remove fear and tension from your mind. A confident mind and relaxed body are great keys to success on and off the baseball field.

I hope these tips will help you. I used to think and feel being the loud tough manager was the only way to get results. Over the years I have learned that I was missing out on some the best parts of coaching youth baseball, being a chance to be a teacher and a friend. We must have discipline on the team, and it comes from example, not by yelling or tearing down of players. You and your players will have many good memories to share with others. That is what it is all about anyway.

Thanks for your time Coach Chip Lemin 440 465 3337

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